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Real, rugged, expedition-style adventures that will challenge you physically and mentally. No canned experiences, rigid itineraries or guarantees. Explore Alaska’s wildest landscapes, transform your relationship with nature and improve your backcountry skills.

2023 TRIPS

For our 2023 season, our Alaska backcountry trips will explore the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, Gates of the Arctic National Park and the Talkeetna Mountains. Dates also available for private trips.

June 25th - July 2nd, 2023 - 3 of 5 spaces available - A backpacking adventure in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge and Alaska's central Brooks Range mountains.
June 15-24, 2023 - 0 of 8 spots available - ASK ABOUT OUR WAITLIST - This route is a stunning, backpacking traverse through Alaska's central Brooks Range.
July 22-30, 2023 - 6 of 8 spaces available - Backpacking through Alaska's best kept secret, the Talkeetna Mountains.
9 Days
14 years+
Packrafters paddle down a river in Alaska's Arctic National Wildlife Refuge


Our regularly scheduled Alaska backcountry trips involve group travel – a blending of folks who may not know one another when the trip begins, but often become lifelong friends by the time the trip concludes.

If this isn’t right for you, we are excited to guide you on a private trip to experience a once in a lifetime adventure with your chosen family or friends.

A private trip affords the greatest amount of flexibility with trip objectives and itineraries. If your group wants to hike hard and fast to see the maximum amount of country – we can do that. If your group wants to sit quietly all day and watch a herd of migrating caribou move through a valley – we are stoked to do that too!