Backpacking the Arctic Refuge

A journey along braided rivers and across alpine tundra through Alaska's Brooks Range.

Backpacking the Arctic Refuge

$2800 per person

August 14-22, 2021 – 3 of 5 spaces available – Backpacking the Arctic Refuge (ANWR) – A backpacking adventure in Alaska’s central Brooks Range mountains.

Join us backpacking the Arctic Refuge (ANWR). This trip takes place in Alaska’s Brooks Range in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge on the traditional and current lands of the Iñupiaq and Gwich’in people.

This Backpacking the Arctic Refuge trip follows a looping route in the western reaches of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge (ANWR). Our small group will cross alpine streams, braided rivers and mountain passes as we make a clockwise loop. This route begins and ends at the Dalton Highway near Atigun Pass. While traveling we will learn about the delicate ecology of this special ecosystem. And we’ll look for the animals that call this place home, including grizzly bears, caribou, moose, Dall’s sheep, wolves and a multitude of bird species. Our route will take us over alpine tundra, gravel river beds and rocky mountain slopes – quintessential Brooks Range topography!

We will spend each day on foot, traversing this unique country with all of our necessities in our backpacks. Our packs may weigh 35-45 pounds. We’ll spend our evenings and mornings beneath the cook tarp enjoying the camaraderie of backcountry travel. We’ll travel 5-8 hours per day over trail-less terrain. The anticipated daily mileage will range from 8-12 miles with elevation gain/loss between 1000′-4000′ per day.

Because this trip does not utilize air travel, it is a relatively low-carbon adventure that we are able to offer at a more affordable price than many comparable trips to the Arctic Refuge. We still offset the carbon from our shuttle to and from the Arctic Refuge from Fairbanks. Please note that our anticipated drive time is 7 hours each way, to and from Fairbanks to our trip destination.

Backpacking the Arctic Refuge Non-Profit Partner: Alaska Wilderness League

A significant monetary donation will be made to the Alaska Wilderness League in honor of this trip. Learn more about our non-profit partner program on our Why Us page.


  • Destination
  • Departure City
  • Start Date
    August 14, 2021
  • Return Date
    August 22, 2021
  • Gear List
  • Included
    Food While In The Wilderness
    Lodging on Night One in Your Trip's Departure City (typically Anchorage or Fairbanks)
    Professional Guide Service at a Maximum 3:1 Guide to Guest Ratio
    Roundtrip Transportation from Your Trip's Departure City (Typically Anchorage or Fairbanks)
    Safety & Repair Gear
    Stoves, Cooking & Eating Utensils
    Water Filter
  • Not Included
    Additonal Hotel Nights Pre or Post Trip
    All Non-Wilderness Meals
    Guide Gratuities
    Personal Clothing & Equipment
Day 1 - August 14 - Arrive in Fairbanks
Arrive in Fairbanks any time before 4pm this day. Check into our hotel - details will be in your pre-trip information email. We'll meet at 4pm as a group to get to know one another, go over your equipment, distribute personal and group gear that you will be carrying and review our route. We will plan to wrap up by 6pm to ensure plenty of time for you to enjoy a tasty dinner in Fairbanks, grab any last minute items you may have forgotten (Fairbanks does have an REI and other small gear shops) and get a good night's rest before we depart for the backcountry.
Meals included: none; Accommodations: Hotel in Fairbanks
Day 2 - August 15 - Depart for the Backcountry
We'll gather early for a group breakfast at our hotel in Fairbanks before departing via shuttle along the Dalton Highway. Depending on road conditions, our trip north will take between 6-8 hours. We'll stop along the way for fuel, bathroom stops and photo opportunities. In Coldfoot, Alaska we'll grab lunch and visit the excellent Interagency Visitor Center to learn more about the Arctic Refuge. Once we crest Atigun Pass, we'll leave our vehicle behind and head east into the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. We'll travel several miles to put some distance between us and the Dalton Highway before making camp for the night.
Meals included: all; Accommodations: tents
Days 3-8 - August 16-21 - Backcountry Travel
We'll spend these days making a clockwise loop through the western portion of the Arctic Refuge. We'll climb steep mountain passes, travel across arctic tundra and ford alpine streams. We'll learn about the delicate ecology of this special ecosystem and look for the animals that call this place home. Our days will be spent on foot, traversing this unique country. Our evenings and mornings will be spent beneath the cook tarp getting to know one another and enjoying the camaraderie of backcountry travel.
Meals included: all; Accommodations: tents
Day 9 - August 22 - Return to Fairbanks
By mid-morning, we will return to the Dalton Highway and our staged vehicle. After celebrating the completion of our route, we'll begin heading south back to Fairbanks. Again, our travels will take between 6-8 hours, depending on the road conditions. We'll stop for a late lunch/early dinner in Coldfoot before proceeding south. If returning home this day, please schedule flights for after 10pm to allow for any unexpected delays. Better yet, if your schedule allows, give yourself a couple of days to explore Fairbanks and beyond to see a little more of what Alaska has to offer.
Meals included: breakfast and lunch; Accommodations: none

About the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge (ANWR)

The area of public land currently known as the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge occupies the historical and current lands of the Iñupiaq and Gwich'in people of Alaska. The Arctic National Wildlife Refuge is the largest Wildlife Refuge in the United States and was established in 1960 as the Arctic National Wildlife Range. It was expanded with the Alaska National Interest Lands Conservation Act(ANILCA) of 1980 and designated as a Refuge. The Arctic National Wildlife Refuge is currently threatened by imminent oil drilling - pushed through with reckless speed by Alaska's congressional delegation and the Trump administration.

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