Why Us

At Tundra Travels our commitment to environmental conservation and authentic adventures set us apart. Our Alaska backcountry guides can't wait to share what makes us different with you.


Our mission is to connect adventurous travelers to Alaska’s wildest landscapes, while supporting wildlife conservation, community-led advocacy and intact ecosystems.

A backpacker's tent pitched in Alaska's Talkeetna Mountains


These are real, expedition-style adventures that will challenge you physically and mentally. There are no canned experiences, rigid itineraries or guarantees. Be ready to experience Alaska’s wildest landscapes in an authentic way that has the potential to transform your relationship with nature, improve your backcountry skills and maybe even change your life.

tread lightly

We subscribe to a broad and all-encompassing definition of Leave No Trace. We don’t just follow the seven principles of LNT. We consider these to be the bare minimum of responsible recreation. In addition, we offset the carbon used for all in-state travel, encourage guests to offset their travel to and from Alaska, have a paperless reservation system, use high quality, long-lasting equipment and strive to minimize waste in our backcountry food packaging.

Alaska Backcountry Guides - Caribou tracks in Alaska's Brooks Range
A bull caribou surveys the group.

give back

Every trip donates a significant portion of its proceeds to a nonprofit organization working to minimize the impacts of industry and development on Alaska’s wildest places. We especially appreciate conservation organizations that follow the lead of local Alaska Native communities. We’re excited to share what we know about Alaska’s most pressing conservation issues with our guests. 


At Tundra Travels we believe the best Alaska backcountry guides are year-round residents with decades of experience who hold a deep appreciation for wild places.

Haley Guide Bio Photo

Haley has been sharing remote Alaska with guests for 13 years. As the owner/founder of Tundra Travels, Haley is proud to combine her passion for wilderness adventure with her commitment to conservation, by providing immersive backcountry experiences for guests while reimagining how a guide company can care for it's guests, the people it employs and the places it visits. Haley is a Wilderness First Responder, a L3 ACA Packraft Instructor, has an AIARE PRO1 Avalanche Certification and is trained in Swiftwater Rescue.

Haley Johnston

Owner + Lead Guide
Brooke Edwards Guide Bio Photo

Brooke hails from the Great Pacific Northwest where her passion for all things outdoors was born. Brooke has been guiding in Alaska’s remote wilderness in the summer seasons for over two decades. She brings an enthusiasm for the conservation of wild spaces and a joy of being humbled by what Alaska has to offer to her guiding craft. Brooke is an ambassador for Baist Gloves, Flylow Gear, Corbeaux Clothing, and Atomic Skis and owns her own private guiding/consulting/concierge service: http://www.wildworldwanderings.com

Brooke Edwards

Sprout Guide Bio Photo

Sprout won't be joining you in the wilderness but she wishes you grand adventures!


Office Morale Manager


Every Tundra Travels trip partners with a nonprofit working to protect the landscapes we visit. These are just some of the organizations doing excellent conservation work in Alaska. See Our Trips to learn about the nonprofits supported by each trip.

Trustees for Alaska

Trustees for Alaska is a small nonprofit law firm that uses the law to protect Alaska’s lands, waters, wildlife, and people. They bring expertise to issues impacting public lands and health, biodiversity, the health of animal species, and an array of environmental and climate concerns that impact communities and ways of life. They represent clients and work in partnerships and coalitions that include tribal organizations, Indigenous and citizen advocacy groups, and conservation and climate organizations. Their litigation has set precedents in court and played a critical role in stopping or mitigating massive industrialization projects that would have devastating impacts on land, water, air, local communities, and the planet.

Trustees for Alaska was founded in Alaska in 1974 to focus on Alaska issues. Some of their current efforts include protecting public lands and communities in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge and the Western Arctic from oil and gas industrialization; protecting the health of Bristol Bay waterways, salmon runs, and communities by stopping the proposed Pebble mine; upholding longtime prohibitions on wildlife management practices like brown bear baiting in the Kenai National Wildlife Refuge and other federal lands; and sustaining the health of a vast Arctic region by halting a hundreds-mile long industrial haul road.

Alaska Wildlife Alliance

Alaska is home to a unique and spectacular array of aquatic and terrestrial wildlife species. The Alaska Wildlife Alliance (AWA) is a nonprofit advocating for healthy ecosystems, scientifically and ethically managed to protect our wildlife for present and future generations. Founded by Alaskans in 1978, AWA gives voice to Alaska’s wildlife, promoting an ecosystem approach to management from the ground up. Through citizen science and mobilization, advocacy, and education and outreach, AWA helps let nature run wild.

Northern Alaska Environmental Center

The Northern Alaska Environmental Center promotes conservation of the environment and sustainable resource stewardship in Interior and Arctic Alaska through education and advocacy. 

The Northern Center envisions a Northern Alaska far into the future that remains a land of superlatives—as inspiring, healthy and supremely beautiful as it is today. Our globally important wildlands will remain biologically diverse and productive, with abundant fish and wildlife that support vigorous subsistence traditions and an extraordinary, increasingly sustainable quality of life for Alaskans.

Alaska Wilderness League

Alaska Wilderness League stands with, serves and supports the many people and organizations that believe in a sustainable future for Alaska. We honor and respect the cultures of Alaska Natives whose way of life remains deeply connected to the state’s land, waters and wildlife. We believe that Alaska’s long-term economic future and subsistence traditions are inexorably tied to the health and sound stewardship of its natural resources, which support hunting, fishing, tourism and unrivaled outdoor experiences that are central to Alaskans’ quality of life.