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A successful trip starts with knowing what you're getting into and how best to be prepared. We're here to help.


Maybe not. While we ardently believe that the outdoors are for everyone, our trips are for a specific type of traveler. Let’s make sure a Tundra Travels trip is the right fit for you.

Our trips are for someone of any race, gender identity, religion, country of origin, sexual orientation or ethnicity who is curious about the natural world, values (or is ready to learn about) public lands conservation and is up for the challenge of moving through Alaska’s almost entirely trail-less wilderness. 

Our current trip listings are physically demanding adventures and require both strength and stamina. If you’re not ready for our level of physicality, we’d love to build a private trip for you or refer you to one of the other awesome guide companies offering different intensities of trips. There is an Alaskan adventure for everyone and we hope you find the right one for you whether it is with Tundra Travels or not!

the tundra travels experience

Tundra Travels trips are multi-day, backpacking expeditions through remote Alaska. We travel over rugged, trail-less terrain, carrying what we need with us, making the wilderness our home day after day. We also enjoy freshly brewed coffee, delicious camp food and the inevitable camaraderie that comes from facing challenges together.

Over the course of a trip you may endure rain, snow, wind and cold temperatures, hopefully punctuated by sunshine, wildlife sightings, rainbows and epic views. You may be tired, sore and cold. Your feet especially may be wet for days at a time. 

The demands and hardships of wilderness travel help to emphasize the euphoric highs of cresting a mountain pass after hours of climbing, watching in awe (and from a distance) as a sow grizzly bear nurses her cubs or relaxing in a beautiful campsite after a long day of travel. We’re excited to share every aspect of authentic wilderness experiences with our guests – including the lows, but especially the highs. 


These trips are designed for those seeking to get even further off the beaten path by utilizing bush plane travel to dive deeper into Alaska’s wilderness. These flights increase both the cost of the trip and the carbon associated with the adventure. The price of these trips includes carbon offsets to help mitigate our environmental impact. Utilizing airplanes allows us to start in the alpine and spend more time traveling above tree and brush line. These trips typically include more fresh and gourmet foods on the menu, you will be eating well deep in Alaska’s backcountry. 

Reflection of a Lake in Katmai National Park and a caribou skull in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge


There is something magical about group travel – having the opportunity to meet and learn from folks from different walks of life. A wilderness experience has the unique ability to turn strangers into life-long friends.

With mixed groups you may find that you are a faster hiker than your trip mates, occasionally waiting for them to catch up. But as it turns out, a new friend might be a wizard at setting up the tent so it never collapses in the wind or rain. Keep an open mind about what skills and strengths each person brings to the trip. 


If group travel isn’t right for you, we are excited to guide you on a private adventure to experience a once in a lifetime trip with your family or friends.

A private trip affords the greatest amount of flexibility with trip objectives and itineraries. If your group wants to hike hard and fast to see the maximum amount of country – we can do that. If your group wants to sit quietly all day and watch a herd of migrating caribou move through a valley – we are stoked to do that too!

We start by learning about your group and your goals. Options can include basecamp hiking trips for maximum immersion in one area, fast and light backpacking trips to cover a greater distance or a multi-sport itinerary utilizing packrafts to expand your terrain options. 

Then we build a personal, private and customized adventure for your group. The planning is half the fun when you build your own adventure!

Packrafters paddle down a river in Alaska's Arctic National Wildlife Refuge



  • Expert, experienced guide(s) – Our guides are Alaska residents (surprisingly rare in Alaska’s adventure-travel industry) with years – or decades! – of experience in Alaska’s backcountry and a deep personal connection to wild places. Our guide to guest ratio is typically 4:1. We believe in paying guides a living wage, commensurate with their high levels of experience and professionalism. Meet our guides here.
  • Donation to a local non-profit – Every trip donates a significant portion of its proceeds to a conservation organization working to minimize the impacts of industry and development on Alaska’s wildest places.
  • Carbon offsets – We offset the carbon used for all in-state flights and/or driving necessary to access our backcountry destinations.
  • Lodging on night one – Most of our trips include an initial first night at a hotel in Anchorage or Fairbanks. We believe in meeting in town and building group cohesion before we head into the backcountry. This first night buffer helps when flights to Alaska are delayed or you realize you left your rain gear at home. Note, custom/private trips may or may not include a hotel night depending on itineraries and group preferences.
  • All transportation and logistics – We facilitate all necessary travel from Anchorage or Fairbanks (depending on your itinerary) to and from your backcountry destination.
  • Group Equipment – See our Equipment Section for more details.


  • Carbon offsets for travel to/from Alaska – While carbon offsets may not be the perfect way to reduce emissions, they are one relatively easy way to make a difference. We encourage you to consider offsetting the carbon incurred by your travel to and from Alaska. There are many carbon offset companies, but we like NativeEnergy.
  • Mandatory personal equipment – This equipment is outlined in the Personal Equipment List. Some of these items are available to rent. Learn more in our Equipment Section.
  • Additional costs due to weather delays – On rare occasions Alaska’s dynamic weather may delay travel into or out of the backcountry. If additional costs are incurred due to delays these are the traveler’s responsibility.
  • Trip Insurance – We highly recommend trip insurance. Don’t book a trip without it. Look for a policy that includes coverage for cancellation due to COVID. 
  • Additional hotel nights before or after your trip
  • Guide gratuities – Suggested 5-10% of the trip price


We’ve all heard the old adage – “theres no bad weather, just bad clothing”. Packing according to our mandatory Personal Equipment Checklist will ensure that you are prepared for the worst, without being unnecessarily loaded down with excess weight. For more information on equipment, check out our blog post on all things gear related.

A backpacker's tent in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge


Group equipment is managed by your guide. You may be asked to carry some of these items in your backpack.


These are items which are included on the mandatory Personal Equipment Checklist, but can be rented from Tundra Travels. Let us know if you would like to rent any of these items at least 30 days prior to your trip.


$150 per person


    • tent 
    • sleeping bag 
    • sleeping pad 
    • camp chair 


$40 per person


    • Black Diamond trekking poles


$25 per person


    • insulated food bowl 
    • mug 
    • spoon 

How To Join A Trip

  1. Fill out the Trip Interest Form.
  2. We will get in touch with you to discuss the trip.
  3. Confirm your participation with a trip deposit.
  4. Prepare by downloading the mandatory Personal Equipment Checklist, commit to a physical training plan if necessary and stock up on some books and podcasts from our recommended list.
  5. Book your flights and pre- and post-trip accommodations.
  6. Stay in touch with any questions that come to mind!